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DiGoldy guarantees that the final customer receives the device free from defects in materials and factory workmanship. The product agrees with the stated specifications and characteristics. In case the product has some faults caused by the manufacturer  DiGoldy is obliged to repair or replace the flawed device. For replacement the new or repaired device can be used. The performance of the repaired device is identical to the new production performance. The manufacturer retains the right to choose between the repairing and replacing the flawed device. If the repairing and replacing is impossible the manufacturer agrees to refund the money spent on buying the device. The warranty applies to all the products during the warranty period if the service instructions are observed.

The warranty period:

The warranty period for all the DiGoldy devices is three (3) years.

Warranty limitations:

This warranty does not apply if the device was damaged because of natural hazards, accidents, physical, electrical, thermal or other impact or if the product was used and serviced not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This warranty does not apply if the device case was opened or the device has mechanic damage. The absence of labels and marks used to identify the device can be the reason to refuse the warranty claim. This warranty does not apply to the software and data stored on the device.


To get a warranty service send the flawed device back to the official dealer or the distributor, who sold the device, or contact the DiGoldy service center. If you decide to return the flawed device to the DiGoldy service center you’ll have to fill the inquiry form in advance and get the number of your device return. The device sent to the service center without previous registration may be denied in service. The delivery to the service center is made at the buyer’s expense. The manufacturer is not responsible for any device faults occurred during the delivery. Those faults are the responsibility of the organization performing the delivery.

Before you send the device to the service center do not forget to make a spare copy of the stored data. The data stored at the device can be deleted during the repair works.

DiGoldy is not responsible for the direct and consequential damage caused by data loss or the device flaw. The DiGoldy warranty charges are limited to the device purchasing cost.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchasing. If there is no proof of purchase the warranty period starts from the date of the device manufacturing.

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